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Description: Chris Norby - Fourth District
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Charles Smith
Phone: (714) 834-3110
Web: www.oc.ca.gov/supes/first
Email: Charles.Smith@ocgov.com

James White
Phone: (714) 834-3220
Web: www.oc.ca.gov/supes/second
Email: district.two@ocgov.com

Bill Campbell
Phone: (714) 834-3330
Web: www.oc.ca.gov/supes/third
Email: bill.campbell@ocgov.com

Chris Norby
Phone: (714) 834-3440
Web: www.oc.ca.gov/supes/fourth
Email: Chris.Norby@ocgov.com

Thomas Wilson
Phone: (714) 834-3550
Web: www.oc.ca.gov/supes/fifth
Email: Thomas.Wilson@ocgov.com



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